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The KLLY Sandal is the most comfortable sandal you’ve ever worn, developed by 11x world surf champion, Kelly Slater. Designed for optimal performance, supportive recovery, and day-to-day comfort, the KLLY Sandal is truly created for all day wear.

Created to protect your body’s natural alignment and wear all day, the innovative design of the KLLY Sandal is inspired by Kelly Slater’s passion for surf, sustainability, and peak performance.

  • The top sole mimics the moon’s surface for traction.
  • The bottom sole reflects the turtle’s 13 inner & 28 outer shell segments.
  • Made from recycled sources & BLOOM, a sustainable base made from algae.
  • Sizing is in men's sizes

The Most Comfortable Sandals

Made for all-day wear, experience total comfort with a thicker sole plus heel and arch support to help you take care of your body and enhance longevity.

Created by Kelly Slater

Kelly Slater is an 11x world surf champion and has been wearing sandals for over four decades, breaking records by winning the Pipeline Pro at the age of 50. After not finding the shoes that he needed, he decided to create them himself with the KLLY Sandal.

Inspired by Nature

Kelly's interest in the unknown connection between turtles and the moon inspired the KLLY Sandal design. The sea turtle’s shell plates mirror the lunar cycles, which are a driving force in the ocean tides. This naturally inspired the footbed of the KLLY Sandal.

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