The Turtle

Kelly's interest in the unknown connection between turtles and the moon inspired the tread pattern on the KLLY Sandal. The shell on the sea turtle's back features 13 large plates and 28 smaller surrounding plates. These mirror the 13 lunar cycles in a year and the 28 days that make up each cycle.

The Moon

The gravitational pull of the moon is a driving force in ocean tides. This inherent relationship between the moon and ocean movement provided a natural model for the footbed of the KLLY Sandal.

The Design

A lifelong surfer, Kelly has spent his life in sandals. Intimately aware of the shortcomings, he aimed to develop a sandal you could wear all day with proper heel and arch support, and that promoted healthy alignment.

The Materials

The KLLY Sandal is made with rPET & BLOOM foam, which is derived from algae. Excessive amounts of CO2, a warming climate, and water pollution is causing harmful algae blooms that negatively impact our environment and society. BLOOM is determined to reverse the effects of water pollution by working with resources like algae to restore and maintain healthy ecosystems.

The KLLY Sandal

Inspired by and respecting nature, these elements come together in the most comfortable and supportive sandal available.

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